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What are premium domain names?

Premium domain names are generally considered to be shorter, catchier and more meaningful names. Due to that, they usually command a higher value in the domain name market. With premium domain names, a website increases its value and appeal to a wider market segment with a name that can be recognized, spelled and memorized by most people.


.MY premium domain names criteria

A .MY domain name is defined as “premium” when it has one of the following criteria:

  • single character domain name (eg. 8.my)
  • 2-character domain name (eg. 1u.my)
  • 3-character domain name (eg. pkp.my)
  • domain name with noun words that ends with .MY (eg. astrono.my), or
  • domain name with popular dictionary words in Bahasa Malaysia (eg. infeksi.my) and English (eg. cash.my).

.MY premium domain name categories including .my, .com.my, .net.my and .org.my. MYNIC conducts periodical bidding cycle where these domain names will be available to be bid by interested parties. The bidding is done in a closed bidding environment, where all the bids will only be known after the cycle ends to determine the highest bid amount.

Pricing structure

Premium Domain Names Categories Base Price Bid Deposit Bid Increment
3-character domain name which is not a dictionary word (dxb.my) RM 500 RM 50 RM 50
2-character domain name which is not a dictionary word (5x.my) RM 1,000 RM 100 RM 100
2-3 character domain name and domain name consists of common/generic dictionary words (to.my , web.my, cash.my) RM 1,500 RM 150 RM 150
Single character domain names (1.my) and any domain names that form a word with my (astrono.my) RM 3,000 RM 300 RM 300

Bidders will also subject to a non-refundable bid fee of RM20 or 5% of bid deposit (whichever is higher)


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